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The Newsletter of the Lehigh Valley Woodworkers’ Guild


 Note:  Starting with the October 2005, the format of the newsletter will be a .pdf file.  To view a .pdf file you need the Adobe Reader that is available free of charge from:

Guild newsletters are  here for the convenience of members and visitors.  Comments and suggestions on content are welcome.

Newsletters prior to 2006 are in the archive files, click here to access the archive files.

2013 Newsletters

April - Neil Brown - Installing Drawer Slides

May - Jeffrey Boerner - Fab Lab Northampton Community College



2012 Newsletters

March - Bill Spess - Making Boxes (not band saw boxes)

April - Ray Winkler - Using Youtube for Woodworking

May - Brian Gish - Woodworking with Google Sketchup

Nov - No Presentation



2011 Newsletters

June - Bruce Walck - Repairing Finish Faults

July - Fred Matlack - Tablesaw Boxes

August - Picnic

October - Kevin Yardley - All You Want to Know about Exotic Wood

November - Ethan Habrial - Restoring the American Chestnut


2010 Newsletters

January Christmas Party Photos


2009 Newsletters

January...December Christmas Party

February....John Schaeffer - The Duckbill Table

March....Bill Hylton - Loose Tenon Joinery

April.... Dr. Basil Dolphin - Toxic Effects of Wood Dust

May.... Ken Matthews - Motivation - Making Blocks

June....Jason Muchler - Wainscot bit Techniques....
           Paul Anthony - Table Saw Safety

July....Bill Hylton - Router Magic

August.... Craig Bentzley - Hand Planes

September....Fein Multimaster with Frank Vitucci - PC 4212 Dovetail jig with John Schaeffer


November.... Annual Guild Woodworker's Contest

December.... No Newsletter

2008 Newsletters

January... Bob Kautzman - Antique Vacuum Cleaners Christmas Party

February....Hank Von Hollen - Joinery and the Universal Jig

March....Tim Dugan, Mike & Louise Peters - Wood Processing - Guess the Species

April ....Rob Taylor - Porter Cable Omnijig

May....Bill Hylton - Tool Sharpening Hardware

June....Paul Anthony - Table Saw Jiggery

July....Charles Bender - Period Furniture Secrets

August....Jeffry Lohr - Third World Woodworking System

September... Bill Grumbine - Turning Tool Handles and other doo-dads

October....Tom Loveless - Festool Router and Kapex Sliding Compound Miter Saw

November....Annual Woodworkers Contest

December....Freud Demo by Jason Muchler


2007 Newsletters

January... December Christmas Party

February....Fred Matlack - Band Saw Boxes

March....Bill Grumbine - Turning Duplicate Spindles

April ....Carl Nugent - Wood Finishing

May ....Phil Alcock - Carving - excellent presentation

June....Frank Rauscher - Woodburning

July....John Schaeffer & Pete Doncezic -  Festool Domino

Aug....Jim Leamy - Handmade Planes - great presentation

September....Craig Bentzley... Video Shop Tour - Interesting

October....Frank Rauscher - Carving

November...Annual Woodworker's Contest

December...Scott Shimandle - Occupational Safety and Health Hazards with Woodworking Equipment


2006 Newsletters

January....Paul Anthony - Layout, measure and marking tools

February...Peter Wallace - Windsor Chairmaking

March...Bill Hylton - Wave Form Joinery with a Router

April...Robert Ortiz - The Sofia and Daniel Lines of his furniture – Origin, evolution, process.

May...Ken Burton - Table Saw Wizardry / Trickery - How to do 99% of the construction on one tool

June....Bruce Gregory - Working with Laminates

July....Criaig Bentzley - Queen Ann Tables

Aug....Joe and Paul Deevy - A backyard Railroad

Sept....Festool - Festool Product Demo

Oct....Members' Woodworking Contest.

Nov.  intentionally left blank to sync with editor

Dec. Allen Powell (LVWWG) & Curt Corum (Air Handling Systems) - Dust Collection