Bill Hylton

Bill Hylton led the parade with an outstanding frame and panel Blanket Chest of Walnut that was a purpose-built project for Woodworker's Journal Magazine.

The lid was made of two boards, and Bill enlisted the aid of Ken Burton and his 20" band saw to re-saw the veneer for the panels.

The molding around the top features a sliding dovetail to allow for wood movement.  The special hardware was made by Dave Fisher, who lives in Hamburg, Pa.  The exterior is finished with Waterlox, and the interior with Shellac.  Bill got his inspiration for this piece when he saw the original in the Museum of Early Southern Decorative Art in Winston-Salem, N.C..  The original was a painted piece by a craftsman in the Moravian Community of "Old Salem." 

Bill's planter is approximately 20 square by 20 high, made of Bald Cypress